Which tablets can I use for the ELDERTECH app.

Here you can find information about the compatibility of the ELDERTECH app.

You can check if you can use your tablet with ELDERTECH App.

Can I use my tablet for ELDERTECH with my senior?

Want to use the ELDERTECH app, but unsure if you can use the tablet you still have at home for your senior? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Basically, ELDERTECH can be installed on all devices that have at least Android version 9.0 or iOS 13 installed. (You can find out how to find out which version is installed on the tablet in the banner.

A helpful tip: Always do a software update to the latest available version of the operating system.


Have you bought your tablet new in the last three years? Then you can use Eldertech on the tablet for your senior in any case

Check if you can find the ELDERTECH app in the Play Store (for devices running Android) or the App Store (for Apple devices). If you can locate the app, you can use the tablet you are using.

Find out Android version

Possibility 1:
Open Settings > About Smartphone > Android Version.

Find out Android version

Possibility 2:
Open Settings > Phone Info > Software Version > Android Version.

Find out iOS version

Open Settings > General > About > iOS Version.


List of popular tablets from well-known manufacturers with which the ELDERTECH app for seniors works.

The devices below are a selection of tablets that will work with ELDERTECH in any case. The list is constantly expanding.

Currently, the Eldertech app cannot yet be installed on Amazon’s Fire tablets. Our turn here is that the Fire tablets can also be used.

PS: If you don’t find your device below, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use ELDERTECH. It’s best to check the Play Store or App Store to see if you can find the app.


iPad Mini 4th generation or newer
iPad 5th generation or newer
iPad Air 2nd generation or newer
iPad Pro (all models)

Click here to find out which iPad model you have.


Galaxy Tab S3 (all models)
Galaxy Tab S4 (all models)
Galaxy Tab S5 (all models)
Galaxy Tab S6 (all models)
Galaxy Tab S7 (all models)
Galaxy Tab S8 (all models)
Galaxy Tab A8.0 model 2018 or newer
Galaxy Tab A10.1 model 2019 or newer
Galaxy Tab A7
Galaxy Tab A8
Galaxy Tab A10.5 model 2018 or newer
Galaxy Tab A 2017 model or newer
Galaxy Tab A 8.0


Lenovo Tab M7
Lenovo Tab M8
Lenovo Smart Tab M8
Lenovo Tab M10
Lenovo Smart Tab M10
Lenovo Tab 6
Lenovo Tab P10 (all models)
Lenovo Tab P11 (all models)
Lenovo Tab P12 (all models)
Lenovo Tab K10
Lenovo Smart Tab
Lenovo Yoga Tab 11
Lenovo Yoga Tab 13

More tablets

Xiaomi Redmi Pad
Xiaomi Pad 5 (all models)
HUAWEI MediaPad T5
HUAWEI MediaPad M5
Motorola Tab G62
Motorola Tab G70
OPPO Pad Air
Medion Lifetab E1041X
Medion Lifetab E1042X
Medion Lifetab E1043X
Medion Lifetab E1053X
Medion Lifetab P1075X

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