In a holistic ecosystem.

The ELDERTECH platform thrives with our partners. That is why we are constantly expanding our partner network.

Do you have a digital innovation for use in everyday care? We have the suitable platform!

The network.

Technical providers and healthcare stakeholders.

From health care insurers and nursing-care insurers to smart home tech providers and smart care innovators, the participants in the ELDERTECH ecosystem come from a variety of backgrounds and bring their expertise to the table. In addition to technical partners from the smart home sectors as well as innovators of assisted care devices, we welcome service and care providers into our ecosystem.

Together with health care and nursing-care insurance companies, which have a direct line to the relatives and caregivers, we aim to continuously expand ELDERTECH in order to support all our users in the best possible way.

The benefits.

Expertise and synergy effects.

Visibility in new customer segments.

By connecting with the ELDERTECH app, you interact with customers who would otherwise be difficult to reach.

More functionality.

The integration of different applications in one system facilitates interoperability. The resulting synergies lead to increased functionality of the individual applications.

Establish standards.

A cooperation structure with a common technical basis as well as API contracts results in increased speed of interaction and integration within the ecosystem.

Growing together.

Our success is also your success.

We have plans.

Do you have the solution to implement them?

Our goal is to continuously expand ELDERTECH’s range of services.

To this end, we aim to combine technologies and services as well as realize new use cases and are continuously looking for new partners. Currently we are working on the integration of the following functionalities:

Fall detection

With intelligent fall detection systems that allow reliable recognition of falls and ensure greater safety.

Spot sleepwalkers

Detect bed exit using sensors in the bedroom and identify unusual activity in time.

Prevent dehydration

Dehydration is a health risk, especially for seniors. New technologies make it possible to track drinking quantities and thus provide support in everyday life.

Capture vitals

With a clear overview of the vital data, caregivers and doctors are able to monitor the state of health.

Door and window sensors

By combining smart care devices and smart home sensor technology, new use cases can be implemented.

Stove monitoring

Intelligent stove monitoring adds another safety factor for seniors and can indicate irregularities.

Do you have further ideas or suitable solutions?

Working together for one vision
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