The app for relatives providing care.

Together with caregivers.

Professional caregivers are part of the ELDERTECH ecosystem, whether as service providers or users. Would you like to integrate digital support services into your daily care routine? The possibilities for cooperation are manifold.

One platform.

From home care to inpatient care.

ELDERTECH supports care recipients   and relatives beyond home care and is also used in inpatient facilities. ELDERTECH’s digital  communication capabilities offer tremendous benefits to family members as well as caregivers within facilities. 

One solution.

Along the entire care biography.

Home care services, nursing support, outpatient care and assisted living are the backbone of fulfilling sunset years. For us, they represent the different stages along the care biography.

We also see it as part of our mission to support and simplify the tasks of care providers and caregivers with our solutions – creating genuine added value for everyone. 

ELDERTECH entlang der gesamten Pfkegebiografie


What experts say.

"We in outpatient care in particular often notice a deficit in home care, which is in no small part due to the infrastructure in rural areas. This is where ELDERTECH's solutions can close a care gap in the future while respecting empowerment and self-determination."
Katja Gaube
Management Competence and Training Center Priorita GmbH
"At many points in my career, I've experienced how ineffective existing solutions are at utilizing the potential of modern technologies. I am convinced that the holistic, supportive, open approach that ELDERTECH takes can mean real added value for people - because it makes care affordable again for everyone."
Dr. med Carola Bruns
Carola Bruns, M.A., specialist in neurology and geriatrics


Opportunities for cooperation.


The ELDERTECH app can be accessed by multiple caregivers. An outpatient care provider may also function as a member of the family group.


Relief for caregivers thanks to digital aids, e.g. digital support for communication between residents and their relatives.


Especially in pandemic times, it has become apparent that remote treatments are becoming increasingly relevant. We always welcome ideas and partners from the telecare sector!

Pilot Project.

Facilitate communication.

With our communication solution for inpatient care, we bring nursing staff, residents and their families closer together. We want to facilitate the exchange of information and enable participation through digital services. More information on our pilot project coming soon.


Simple handling and age-appropriate
video communication.


Easy integration and adaptable to individual requirements.


Focus on processes and procedures in day-to-day care without an additional burden on employees.


Combining family communication and information sharing with key care stakeholders.

We look forward to hearing from you.