Our vision.

An ideal care situation for caregivers and care recipients at every point in the care biography.

The ELDERTECH ecosystem.

Connecting people and technologies.

In order to achieve our goal and cover as many areas as possible in the everyday life of families and in family care, a network is indispensable. We therefore do not view innovations for everyday life and for care settings as competition, but as potential further options that we would like to integrate into our ecosystem.

Our partner network is constantly expanding and includes technical providers from the areas of smart home and intelligent care aids as well as sensor technology for detecting falls. In addition, stakeholders from professional care, telemedicine and social medicine, as well as insurance companies and businesses will be integrated.

Our mission.

Making care easier and more flexible.

ELDERTECH simplifies home care for family caregivers and professional caregivers.

We support inpatient care through direct communication between residents and their relatives. All caregivers are able to remotely access and operate networked devices and sensors.

We look forward to hearing from you.