Instructions and descriptions for the ELDERTECH app

Here you will find assistance and instructions on how to log in and use individual functions in the ELDERTECH app. Just write us a message if you have any further questions.

This is how ELDERTECH integrates into your daily care routine

Four steps to set up:


Install the ELDERTECH App
on your


Create a profile for yourself and
the supported


Install app on the senior's tablet


Right away the tablet has joined the family group in the ELDERTECH app

Here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to set up the app for the first time:

If you have any further questions or need help, please schedule a personal consultation and help appointment. This way, we can also guide you through the setup process online.

Here you can find instructions for the following topics

Requirements for using the ELDERTECH app

  • You need two devices to use the ELDERTECH app:
    • A smartphone with you as a caretaking relative
    • A tablet in your supported person’s or senior’s home
  • To use the app, you can use both Android and iOS devices. The system requirements are as follows: Android min. 7.0, iOS min. 13.1
  • If you want to use ELDERTECHin combination with a smart medication dispenser, you need an Android tablet or device on the supported person’s side to connect the medication dispenser to it via Bluetooth (see below for more information).
  • For video communication, the tablet of the supported person should feature a sufficiently fast Internet connection and a good front camera.
  • Furthermore, during the beta phase, we found that a screen size of about 10 inches or more is better accepted, as it makes it much easier for supported people to use. We therefore recommend using a tablet here.

Registration: How can I register?

  • Read and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and confirm this by clicking the boxes and click Next.
  • Enter your e-mail address and a password of your choice.
  • You will now receive a message with a confirmation code to the email address provided; enter this in the app for verification.
  • Now you can log in with the created account data.
  • Next, choose a username.
  • Click on the avatar to create a profile picture that will be seen by your family members.

Setting up the app: creating a profile for the supported person

  • After you have created your account, you can create the profile for your supported person.
  • Use the “+” icon in the upper right corner to add a senior.
  • Enter the name of the supported person.
  • In addition, choose a username, password and profile picture.
  • Now you have successfully created the profile and can log in to the tablet with the credentials you just created for the supported person.

Setting up the tablet: Initial login and settings

  • After downloading the app on the tablet, log in with the senior’s username and password on the device.
  • Grant access for the camera and microphone to enable video telephony.
  • Now you will see the home screen with pictures of the members who are already part of the family group.
  • By clicking on the photos, the video calls can be started immediately.
  • To improve the operation and experience of the app, you may also customize the following settings:
    • Installing the tablet at a permanent location
    • Extending or deactivating the screen lock
    • Setting up the digital picture frame to allow continuous operation
  • Check out the tips below.
  • On the tablet’s home screen, you’ll also find a three-dot icon in the bottom right corner. Here you can activate the digital picture frame, get to the feedback form or log out. In addition, connected devices can be viewed here.

Getting to know the app: Overview of the dashboard and its functions

  • The caregiver dashboard is divided into three areas: Header, Functional Area, and Footer.
  • In the header you will see the name of the currently selected senior and a display of when the senior’s tablet was online for the last time.
  • The three dashes in the upper right corner will take you to the “More” section. Here you can configure all account settings, manage the family group, access the help section and provide feedback.
  • The function area in the center displays current messages regarding the selected senior. This includes upcoming appointments and medication information when medication dispensers are linked.
  • The footer is the main menu of the app. The image of the currently supported person is displayed on the left. With a click on the picture you can select this person or go back to the app dashboard again.
  • Next to the image are the family chat and calendar sections. In addition, the “Video telephony” button can be used to start a call directly to the supported person.

Expand family group

  • The three dashes in the upper right corner will take you to the settings options, select “Family members”.
  • Click on the plus in the upper right corner to add a family member and select “Add Member”.
  • The Family ID can be shared with the person to be added via messages, WhatsApp or email.
  • The ID number can then be entered via the “My family” option and the process can be completed by clicking on “Join family group”.

Create profiles: How can I create additional profiles for supported people?

  • The three dashes in the upper right corner will take you to the settings options, select “Family members” there.
  • Click on the plus in the upper right corner to add a family member and select “Add Senior”.
  • Enter the name of the supported person.
  • Next, choose a username, password and profile picture.
  • Now you have successfully created the profile and can log in to the senior’s tablet with the login data you just created for the supported person.

Change password

  • The three dashes at the top right take you to the settings options.
  • Under the item “Manage profile” you will find the button “Change password”.
  • Enter the current password once and the new password twice.
  • “Save” sets the new password.

App functions: Calendar

  • The calendar can be accessed via the “Calendar” button in the footer.
  • New events can be added via the plus in the upper right corner.
  • Enter a title for the event, add notes, as well as the date and time.
  • Use the “Assign family member” button to indicate the responsible person within the family group.
  • Via “Save” the event is added to the calendar.

App functions: The Family Chat

  • The “Chat” button in the footer can be used to access the family chat.
  • In case you have other relatives in your family group, you can chat with each other here.
  • You can enter messages into the message box and send them using the blue box.
  • To close the keyboard, click in the middle of the screen. By clicking on the profile picture of your supported person in the bottom left corner of the footer, you will return to the dashboard.

Smart medication administration: Add MedControl device

  • If you use the ELDERTECH app for the supported person on an Android tablet, you can also connect the smart medication dispenser to the tablet to remotely monitor your supported senior’s medication.
  • All that is required is that the tablet used runs on an Android operating system in the supported person’s home on site. The device used by the caregivers, who can control the medication dispenser remotely, can work with either iOS (i.e. Apple devices) or Android.
  • Click here to get to the smart medication dispenser.
  • If you have purchased a smart medication dispenser, follow the steps below to connect the device to the app:
    • Turn on the medication dispenser.
    • In the app, access the settings area via the three dashes at the top right and select the menu item “Connected devices”.
    • Here you can choose between the available supported persons. Select the person who will use the medication dispenser and click on the plus in the upper right corner.
    • Then click on the “DoseControl” image.
    • Once the app’s device is detected, select the correct dispenser serial number.
    • Now the device will be connected. Once the connection is established, you can set the alarms and schedule them on the device using the “Sync” button.

Smart medication administration: Supporting medication digitally

  • After connecting a medication dispenser to your Android app, a medication tile will be displayed in the dashboard.
  • By clicking on the tile, you can view details of alarms and the medication dispenser withdrawals that have been made. These are recorded by turning the dispenser over to remove the tablets from the designated compartment.
  • You can use the “Update alarms” button to set the daily intake times. Alarms are emitted at the set time with an acoustic signal from the medication dispenser.
  • The tile on the dashboard contains information about delays and also possible connection problems:
    • Medication missed
    • Dispenser battery level low
    • No connection to dispenser

App Functions: Digital picture frame

  • Additionally, the app has a digital picture frame feature that enables you to share moments with your loved ones.
  • Here, all family members can upload pictures into the app, which are then displayed as a photo show on the senior’s tablet.
  • To upload images, click on the three dashes in the top right of the dashboard to access the “More” section.
  • Go to “Family members” and in the “Senior” tab select the person for whom you want to upload pictures.
  • Click the “Digital picture frame” button to open the digital picture frame menu.
  • Using the “Upload images” button, you can either select pictures from your gallery or take a photo directly.
  • The added images will be displayed in the menu. You can also delete an image by clicking on it.
  • To activate the digital picture frame, click on the icon with the three dots at the bottom right of the senior’s tablet. Then activate the digital picture frame in the menu.
  • The photo show is displayed on the senior’s tablet as soon as it is inactive. At night, this function is automatically deactivated. This enables the app to become active again with one touch of the tablet, and the photo show also serves as a screensaver.

Simplify use for seniors: Deactivate screen lock

  • To ease the handling for seniors, you can also deactivate the screen lock on the tablet in connection with the digital picture frame function.
  • Follow the corresponding description depending on the tablet system you use.
  • Apple – iOS:
    • Select Settings.
    • Choose Display & Brightness.
    • Search for the entry Automatic lock and tap on it.
    • Then select Never(or any other time period) after which the iPhone or iPad will switch to standby.
  • Android:
    • On the main screen of your Android device, tap the gear icon. This will take you directly to the settings menu of your device. After that, a drop-down menu opens with a number of choices. Tap on the Securityoption.
    • Under the Lock Screen heading, you will find 3 choices. Tap on the first one with the name Lock Screen.
    • Once you have completed the previous step, a new screen will open and you will be asked to enter your PIN code.
    • Once you have confirmed the correct PIN code in the bar, you will see the next drop-down menu. A similar screen opens with a number of choices. Tap on the first entry of the list.

Simplify handling for seniors: Activate kiosk mode

  • To further simplify usage for seniors, you can activate a so-called kiosk mode on the tablet.
  • This makes it possible to restrict access on the tablet to a single app to prevent accidental closing of the ELDERTECH app.
  • Follow the corresponding description depending on the tablet system you use.
  • Apple – iOS:
    • Select “Settings” > “Accessibility”, and then activate “Guided access”.
    • Tap on “Code settings” and then on “Set code for guided access”.
    • Enter a code, then repeat it. Here you can also specify that a session with guided access can be ended via Face ID or Touch ID.
    • Open the chosen app.
    • On an iPad with a Home button, press it three times. For iPads without a home button, press the side button three times.
    • Select “Guided access” and then “Start”.
    • To disable features or set a time limit, press the side or home button three times, and then tap Options. If “Options” does not appear, press the side or home button three times again and enter your code.
    • Activate the options you need, and then tap “Done”.
    • To exit the kiosk mode, press the home or side button three times and tap “Exit”.

Simplifying handling for seniors: device recommendation and location of the tablet

  • To further ease the use of the tablet for seniors, we recommend placing the tablet in the home so that it is easily accessible and connected to the power supply.
  • Perhaps positioning it on a side table near an armchair or sofa is suitable, so that calls can be answered and started directly without moving the tablet.
  • Further accessories such as protective tablet cases with built-in stands or tablet mounts can also be useful for this purpose.
  • Here are some tools that might help you optimize your on-site installation:
  • We also recommend the following devices for the use of ELDERTECH :